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The Garden City

“There’s always major construction taking place in Singapore,” Marie explained to me when I first got here. Despite rapid urbanization, Singapore maintains lots of green spaces. In fact, Colin (Marie’s husband) is a hasher. For those who are not familiar with that term, being a hasher means you are a member of one or more of the many social running clubs that together make up the international group Hash House Harriers. Each week, new members are responsible for marking a trail with non-permanent materials such as chalk or toilet paper. There’s lots more to learn about being a hasher online but what this means is that Colin knows firsthand how many green spaces there are to discover around Singapore.

For this post, I want to share a few of the popular ones you should check out during your visit!

Marina Barrage

Come here early one morning or in the afternoon to watch people fly kites (amongst other things) against a beautiful backdrop.


Source: Marie Dailey


Source: Marie Dailey


Source: Marie Dailey

TreeTop Walk

Located within the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the walk to the TreeTop Walk is just as enjoyable as the main attraction. You’ll most likely see monkeys and there are signs that read, “Beware of Snakes.” Make sure to plan ahead because the last entrance for the bridge is at 4:45PM!



While there, also check out Jelutong Tower for a beautiful view of the canopy.


Gardens by the Bay

Stop and smell the roses at the Flower Dome. And keep an eye out for the wooden sculptures all around, which was what I personally found most impressive.



Some of the wooden sculptures aren’t very hard to spot.

Stop by the Cloud Forest Conservatory to admire the large indoor waterfall and green wall. Before exiting the dome, make sure to wait for the projection “+5°” to play from the beginning.



Finally, make you’re way to the OCBC Skyway, which is a path from supertree to supertree (shown below).


Singapore Botanic Gardens 

There’s lot of beautiful plants and flowers to see here but my favorite spot was the Mist House within the National Orchid Garden. For lunch, I recommend packing a picnic or stopping at Food for Thought which has a great menu. Unfortunately all my pictures from this outing got deleted so instead I’ll post a picture of the Singapore five dollar bill. Read the caption to find out why.


You can find this exact tree at the Botanic Gardens so if you go there, look for it!

Singapore Strait

The family I’m staying with was invited by friends to spend the day on their yacht, and so we were lucky enough that one of our Saturdays consisted of riding a jet ski, swimming in the rain, and enjoying live music! Luckily, you don’t need a yacht to enjoy the Singapore Strait. Head over to Sentosa via cable car to enjoy endless entertainment opportunities including MegaZip Adventure Park, iFly Singapore and beaches.


Source: Marie Dailey


Source: Marie Dailey


Source: Marie Dailey

Singapore Zoo

I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this outing but with minimal barriers and spacious exhibits, the Singapore Zoo is well designed for both the animals and the visitors. Check out various feeding times on the website or on-site to see animals at their most active or sometimes for a chance to feed them yourself.





If you’re still reading, yay! I want to share with you a place that isn’t much of a green space other than the fact that it’s outside but it’s also so unique that it doesn’t fit into any particular category.

Go check out Haw Par Villa to see tons of statues that bring to life Chinese folklore. The place is huge and sometimes freaky (the “Ten Courts of Hell” in particular), but that just makes it all the more fascinating.




Happy outings!

Xx, Sabrine


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