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Getting to Know Singapore

When traveling to a new country, looking at maps and searching the web are important first steps. But if you’re like me and still have a difficult time visualizing it all, this post is for you. Below are a few fun ways to get to know Singapore when you first arrive.

Visit the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Centre

The name makes it sound boring but I swear it’s not. As you make your way through this gallery, you will learn about the past, present and future of Singapore by engaging in visual, auditory, and sensory exhibits. Two of my favorite displays were the incredibly detailed miniature models of Singapore as well as a screen with images of old Singapore you swipe your hand across to slowly reveal images of new Singapore.


Brush with history

The URA Centre is in Chinatown, so take the time to explore while you are there. This will give you an idea of the diverse districts of Singapore, which I’ll be posting about later on!

Enjoy a drink at one of Singapore’s many rooftop bars

When I finally fought jet lag, the family I’m staying with took me downtown to Marina Bay where we did a little bar hopping. We first spent time at a bar called Lantern for a view of the waterfront, and then made our way to LeVeL 33 for a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.


Source: Marie Dailey


Walk around and talk to people

The best way to get to know a country is to talk to locals and walk around. I’m lucky enough to not only be staying with a French family who has been living here for years but also a family who loves to walk and discover*. Wandering around Marina Bay we stopped to listen to a concert going on at Esplanade and admired the unique architecture of Singapore by walking through the Helix Bridge. As you roam, do not forget these two Singapore essentials: sunscreen and an umbrella (the rain is predictably unpredictable here).

*The family I’m staying with is also full of talent. The mom, Marie Dailey, is a great photographer and she’s letting me use some of her photos to show off the beauty and culture of Singapore. In addition to the captioned photo above, the cover photo of this blog was also taken by her. 

Happy exploring! Lots more to come!


Xx, Sabrine


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