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The Pink City

Jaipur is known as the Pink City but before you get your hopes up (if you’re an all pink everythaang kind of person), it’s much more orange. I did paint Jaipur in pink on my elephant though, in honor of the nickname. What exactly am I referring to when I say I painted my elephant pink? Well that’s one of the four main activities we did in Jaipur. Allow me to share them with you.

1. Touring Amer Fort

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts, you must know by now that a trip to a city in India isn’t complete without visiting a fort. To get to the top of Amer Fort, we rode on elephants. On our way up we had a beautiful view of Maota Lake and Garden (top right picture in the collage). Within the fort walls, I found the two most aesthetic spots to be the Shila Devi temple and Mirror Palace.

Amber Fort

2. Watching Paper Being Made

Visiting Kagzi Industries, we were given a tour of the factory and explained all about how paper is made. Jaipur is known for block printed cloths, leaving the city with lots of leftover material once the edges are trimmed.

  • This factory takes those cotton scraps and shreds them.
  • Those shreds are then soaked in tons of water.
  • That paste is then pressed, with a cloth to help keep its shape.
  • Piles of wet paper are then pressed again, this time with a machine to help really squeeze all the water out.
  • Once dry, the paper is decorated.

And voila! Now you’ll know how much work goes into handmade paper the next time you come across it.


3. Learning About Astrology Instruments  

Sawai Jai Singh (a Rajput king) was a pretty big science guy. That’s why he had Jantar Mantar built, an area with a large collection of astrology instruments. One of these includes the world’s largest sundial (with a height of 90 feet and a base length of 147 feet).


4. Playing with Elephants

Saving the best for last, we spent the afternoon at Elefantastic. Even though the name is pretty corny, it’s also pretty accurate.

  • In order for your elephant to feel comfortable around you, you first feed it food (it’s not just men whose stomachs are the key to their heart).
  • You can then paint your elephant with (non harmful) paint. Most people paint the elephant’s trunk but I wanted a larger surface area.
  • Dressed to impress, you then hop on your elephant and go for a stroll. We saw the sunset while on our elephant; you don’t get to do that everyday.
  • After all that hard work, your elephant will be thirsty. And I mean seriously thirsty. Elephants drink a ton of water.

Finally it’s time to say goodbye, to both your elephant and this blog post! Talk again soon!


Xx, Sabrine


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