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A Lake Filled with City Lights

So far, I vote Udaipur as the most romantic city we’ve visited in Rajasthan. For an experience as blissful as ours, here are a few recommendations.

Looking for a place to…

Soak up some history?

Visit City Palace, which was built over a period of 400 years, with either a tour guide or an audio guide to describe what you are seeing along the way. Something that feels unique about this palace is that from the moment you walk in, you’ll notice that it embraces various architecture styles.

Since I’ve been visiting many palaces, I didn’t take many pictures and instead just listened to the tour. However I couldn’t help snap this beautiful balcony.


Satisfy your sweet tooth?

Whenever I go to another country, I love tasting their sweets. We initially stopped at Jagdish Misthan Bhandar for a small bite but ended up leaving with a big box.


The one that’s the most plain (beige rectangle) was my favorite. It’s called soan papdi in Hindi and tastes like you’re eating delicate strands of sugar. You’ll understand my description of its texture better the second you take your first bite.

Escape the buzzing of the city?

Stroll through the Saheliyon Ki Bari Gardens where you will see plenty of fountains and greenery.



Wine and dine?

To get to this restaurant, you are going to need to ride an auto rickshaw if you want to conveniently journey through the city’s narrow streets. But even in a small vehicle, be warned, it’s always quite a ride in India. Our driver once humorously explained to us, “You need three things to drive in India: good horn, good brake, and good luck.” Getting there is the only hectic part though. The restaurant itself, Ambrai, nicknamed itself “Paradise by the Lake” and is incredibly peaceful. This was our view during dinner.


Unpack and unwind?

Of of all the places we knew we’d be staying on this trip, we were all most excited for the Taj Lake Palace Hotel. After a day in the city, it’s the perfect place to come back to and relax. In the evenings we spent time drinking tea in the hotel’s beautiful courtyard or reading in our room which has a couch area in the corner with lovely views of the lake.




Xx, Sabrine


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