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Mountains Made of Diamonds

When people ask me what my favorite part of my gap year has been so far, I can’t give them a straightforward answer. Each experience has made me happy for a series of unique reasons; each experience has been enriching in its own way.

I’ve been in Colorado for two weeks now and I love it here. Everyone is so friendly: quick to smile, keen to make conversation, and eager to share suggestions. For the first few days it was nice spending time with my mom, taking walks, and reading by the fire.

Later, my friend Caty visited for a week and we had so much fun together. When getting her rentals, Caty and I met a girl called Natalie who is from Australia and is working at the shop for the winter. On one of her days off, all three of us skied together and had a great time. Because it wasn’t yet the season, the lines were nonexistent and the weather was beautiful. With the sun reflecting off the snow, the mountains glistened like diamonds.


Caty and I skied three mountains together. At Ajax and Snowmass, we skied through trees, down moguls, and in deep powder. Caty is a great skier and with her speed and enthusiasm, she really motivated me to push myself and improve my snowboarding skills. We also skied Buttermilk where I taught Caty how to snowboard and she picked it up impressively quickly. Below is a video of our time together:

Around the same time Caty came to visit, my uncle Sean and his boyfriend Joseph joined us. My grandmother (who lives in Carbondale) also joined the party. Dinners with them were great. My grandmother has such an lively personality; I’m almost always smiling and laughing around her. And talking to Joseph about his travels and life experiences was really interesting. He’s made me want to sign up for Vipassana Meditation, which is a 10 day meditation retreat.

When Joseph and Caty left, the house felt empty. But not for long. Hans, a friend of mine who goes to CU Boulder, arrived later that afternoon. It was fun catching up and skiing together. And then right around when he left, my dad arrived! My jaw is starting to hurt there are so many reasons to smile lately.

With love,




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