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Be Yourself and Go Skydiving

Our second night in New Zealand I was really sick, it was pouring rain, and the itinerary had us scheduled to learn how to surf. I passed. The next day, same deal. I wasn’t loving New Zealand so far. From Ragland, we made our way to Waitomo. We were meant to go black water rafting in the morning. “It’s so cool! First you repel into a cave. Then you zip line within the cave. But the best part is when you jump into the water and float on tubes while looking at glowworms. Oh and then to get out of the cave you climb up waterfalls!” Julie excitedly shared with us. The whole thing sounded awesome, but it also sounded cold and a wet suit sounded dangerous for someone with an upset stomach. The morning of, I took medicine, got into a harness, and had the time of my life in that Waitomo cave. 

I was sick on and off for the duration of the trip. During that time, I was often torn about whether to participate or not; my hesitation a result of my not feeling well or my fear. I tried to rely on what I knew to make the “right” decisions. People always tell you to be yourself. Ok, sounds easy enough. But then the morning of bungy jumping off one of the highest bungys in the world (134 m) came around and my legs were shaking. It didn’t feel right to listen to that fear. So is the statement be yourself missing an asterisk? Be yourself but not if you’re afraid, shy, lazy, impatient, etc. Halfway through the trip, I realized I was misunderstanding that statement entirely.

Just because one morning you feel afraid doesn’t make you a fearful person; it doesn’t define who you are. “Be yourself” refers to your preferences, your opinions, the things that make you an individual. In that case “be yourself” doesn’t contradict advice such as “push yourself”. Probably the most important thing I take away from my time in New Zealand is the idea that you shouldn’t be shy about your beliefs and preferences, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to change and evolve. Be yourself and live life so that the you of today is stronger, braver and wiser than the you of yesterday.

Click on the link below to watch a video of our time in the North Island of New Zealand where we went kayaking, white water rafting down the highest commercially rafted waterfall (23 ft), skydiving from 15,000 ft, walking through the Redwoods, and lots more!

A South Island video coming soon!

Xx, Sabrine

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