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At Ease in Fiji

Bula! A few days ago I said my goodbyes to Fiji after having experienced part one of a gap year block entitled Highlights of the South Pacific, which is organized by Rustic Pathways. I haven’t had a chance to post about Fiji because we haven’t had much wifi but now, in New Zealand, we have access to Internet.

We (20 of us and 3 leaders) stayed in Fiji for 11 days. Like all great experiences, each day felt long yet, by the end of our stay, the trip felt as though it had gone by way too fast.

During our time in Fiji we were constantly on the move. We traveled within Viti Levu and explored areas in proximity to the island including the Mamanuca Islands and Moon Reef. From hiking to and jumping off Sigatoka sand dunes to admiring spinner dolphins and snorkeling at Moon Reef, each location offered unique experiences. Click on the link below to watch a video of the trip!

One day we went to Namosi to undertake a high ropes course that consisted of various challenges. Nervous to run across an elevated beam, another girl on this trip named Callie told me to forget about my fears and enjoy the moment. When she said that, I thought of Elisabeth Kubler Ros’ words: “There are only two emotions: love and fear.” While in Fiji, I found that point of view to hold a lot of relevance and not just with regards to the adrenaline pumping activities on our itinerary. For instance, we learned Fijian words throughout our trip and instead of worrying about mispronunciations, we used what little vocabulary we had as much as possible. Moreover, the nature of this trip and some of the conditions we lived in (particularly when we went camping in the Highlands), pushed the group to let go of feeling uncomfortable when it comes to typically avoided subjects and as a result brought us closer together. There are all different forms of fear but the way we feel when we learn to overcome those fears is always the same; we feel as though a weight we weren’t even fully aware of has been lifted and we are suddenly so much more at ease. 

Fiji was amazing and I can’t wait to experience New Zealand!

Emily, another girl on this trip, also posted about Fiji. Her blog is awesome so definitely check it out:

Xx, Sabrine

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