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Sunset, Stars and Sand

After a 10-hour plane ride to Johannesburg, a 2-hour plane ride to Windhoek and a 1-hour plane ride to Sossusvlei, we finally arrived to camp Little Kulala. Upon our arrival we were warmly greeted: “Welcome to the land of smiles.”

My parents were taken to their cabin and my friend Tamara and I were taken to ours.

Little Kulala

Once settled, we watched what was definitely one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. The picture doesn’t do it justice;  vivid yellows, oranges and reds colored the horizon.


As if the sky couldn’t get any more spectacular, the sun was soon replaced with countless stars. Aware of how awe-struck tourists are when they see such a bright sky, each cabin has a star gazing roof.  We all bundled up together with hot cups of tea, and took in the splendor of the night.


Today, we headed out to explore the Sossusvlei region. Since it’s the weekend and we don’t meet with WWF’s team until Monday, we took advantage of our free time to see some of the world’s most spectacular sand dunes. The Namib Sand Sea, as it is called, was declared a World Heritage in 2013 for its “superlative natural phenomena and outstanding natural beauty” and “exceptional example of on-going geological processes”.

Sand dunes

The first sand dune we saw was Dune 45. The minute we walked outside we felt the wind blowing sand all around us; at times the sand resembled a waterfall. When we returned to the car, we took off our shoes to find a pile of sand fall to the floor.



Later we saw two other dunes whose names I love: Big Daddy and Big Mama. My parents posed proudly.

Big Daddy Big Mama

To finish our site seeing for the day, we walked through a small canyon carved by a river that only runs every 5-10 years.


Although this has been a short visit, there’s no denying that Sossuvlei is a land that will make you smile.

More to come later!

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