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“What Are You Doing on Your Gap Year?”

A lot of people warn me that when my gap year is over, it’ll be difficult getting back into the swing of things. It might. But I think what those people are forgetting is that you don’t need a parent or a teacher or a boss to set objectives and deadlines. So in that spirit, I spent a lot of time brainstorming what I wanted to do during my gap year. My previous post was about my abstract enthusiasm towards gap years; here are the concrete plans that motivated me to ask the admissions office for permission to defer my matriculation until August 2015.

When Where What
July 18 – July 26 Namibia Learn about World Wildlife Fund (WWF) projects.
August 17 – October 11 United States (upstate New York) Volunteer at Triform, which is an educational, therapeutic Camphill Community for young adults with special needs including my uncle.
October 15 – November 13 Fiji and New Zealand Participate in an adventure program organized by Rustic Pathways.
December 1 -December 25 United States (Colorado) Spend time with my grandmother and improve my snowboarding skills.
January 2 – January 22 India Visit a friend in Delhi, tour Rajasthan and learn about Indian culture.
February 28 – March 20 Singapore Work as a teaching assistant in the Lycée Francais.

In between my travels, I’ll be living with my family either in Paris or Boston.

I can’t wait to share stories, photos and videos with all of you! Moreover, regardless of where I am, a few of my most important gap year goals are to read regularly, learn how to cook, and exercise. So expect to see book reviews, recipes and progress reports!

Xx, Sabrine


  1. WOW!!!! This is going to be so much FUN!!!! I wish you would have started this when you were one year old!!! Now I can
    get a peak at you, your life, what you are thinking. I LOVE IT!!!!! I loved your graduation pictures and dress! But who is acting like a teenager now?
    Much love and appreciation, Grandma CaroLYN

  2. I don’t have adequate words to express my amazement and joy to receive your blogs. What incredible experiences and observations you are able to share.Thank you . . . thank you, mille mercis. GrandMOM CaroLYN

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